Barrys Cosmological Dynamic Binary Position

             Welcome to Barrys Intelligent Design Website. The purpose of this site is to promote Intelligent-Design-God. The science works I  place on this site are a counter to the Secular Based Sciences. I generally use Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Physics, and Martial Arts Sciences as a means and method to demonstrate Theory and Application.

          I would like to provide a brief background of my experiences and education. I  started in the Computer Field 1984 and worked out in the Private and Public Sector until 1998 and went solo 1999 along the way I obtained in Computers Sciences Degrees, Certificates, Certifications, and Diplomas to validate skill sets some of these include Hardware and Software at a low level.

         I studied formal Mathematics in College including calculus for two years all three flavors. Martial Arts Sciences began in 1981 and have studied and practiced on a regular basis up to present year 2018.

       I am publishing my latest work out here. The Science work shows why I cannot accept  Stephen Hawkins and Einsteins -Big Bang Theory of Relativity vs  Intelligent Design and Theory of Non Relativity. This is needed because of  coming out to my space and cybersquatting. The link is below if you wish to view the work also it is on the Published work section as well.

        Barrys SS-87/89 Crypt Model

       Barrys Scietific Based Products Published worksBarrys Scientific Based Products

       Barrys Scientific Based Products Youtube  video


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