Barry Equality Field Equation

              Welcome to my website Barry Equality Field Equation !

             I wanted to explain to my audience what is the Barry Equality Field Equation ? The answer to this is it is a equation based on Intelligent Design-God it fully supports Sir Issac Newton's second law of Thermo Dynamic's basically Energy has to come from somewhere.

             The Barry Equality Field Equation is a Mathematical Equation that supports the three following facts:

              Evidence Against the Big Bang and Einstein's Theory of Relativity:

1). Sub-Atomic particles exceeded the speed of light and have proven to pass through matter test confirmed in Europe.

2). Sub-Atomic particles utilize Multiple Paths  tunneling effect test Confirmed in Austria.

3). Color Spectrum's have different levels of Energy heat thereby making Energy Dynamic not constant.

       The Barry Equality Field Equation is a counter to the Big Bang and Einstein's theory of relativity. Thank you for taking the time to view  my work that is listed as Published  out here on this site.


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